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5 Advantages of Switching to Online Teaching in 2022

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5 Advantages of Switching to Online Teaching in 2022

Published on February 25, 2022

Education has transformed and evolved with time. After the outbreak of the pandemic, there has been a gradual shift from a traditional form of physical classrooms towards a more hybrid form which combines both offline and online learning. This drastic change was a challenge for many teachers in India but they are working hard at accommodating the change.

The emergence of online educational websites and applications in the 21st century made it possible for teachers to easily manage and execute online lectures. Approximately US$18.66 billion was spent on Edtech investments worldwide in 2019. It is projected that the overall market for online education will reach $350 billion by 2025. This indicates that online learning will play a critical role in the coming years. As more and more teachers are making the switch to online teaching, here are 5 reasons why online teaching is preferred:

1. Customised Sessions

A major advantage of teaching online is the element of flexibility. Teachers can set up a schedule for an online class as per their convenience. For students, diverse options of study material  are available online in the form of videos, photos, and eBooks. This content can be accessed from anywhere at any time. This further facilitates a more dynamic and tailor made educational experience.

On the other hand, teachers can make their lectures more engaging by integrating interactive content, group discussions and assignments in their lesson plans. With apps like SuperTeacher, you can create multiple batches as per your requirements to offer a customised learning experience for different groups of students.

2. No Time or Place Limitations

One of the biggest advantages of online teaching is that a student or teacher is not bound by location to attend or conduct a class respectively. They can simply perform this task from the comfort of their homes or from any other place that suits them. A teacher can also reach out to students from across a wide range of demographics wherein a student from another state/country can learn from a teacher in another state/country.

3. Eliminates Commute

We are familiar that transportation consumes a large chunk of expenditure of a person’s budget. With online learning, luckily there is no need for teachers or students to travel for classes.This helps both the parties save their valuable energy, time and unwanted expenses, and is also good for the environment!

4. Content Reuse

Sessions can be pre-recorded by teachers which can be further used for a new batch of students with slight updates and modifications. This saves a lot of time and effort without any compromise on quality.

5. Easy Administrative Management

Online teaching platforms enable teachers to keep a track of the students’ attendance, fee payment and other administrative tasks. For instance, apps like SuperTeacher send automated reminders for assignment completion or fee payment. This way, teachers can focus on making the most out of the learning experience imparted to their students.

Online education has transformed the education system by making life easier for both students as well as teachers. Around 90% of students today think that online teaching is the same or even better in certain aspects than the traditional classroom experience. Teachers as well as students can take advantage of the enormous possibilities of online teaching. Technology is advancing every day with rapid speed. With time, online education could become the new normal.


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