November 30, 2023

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Explore These Websites on AI and Machine Learning for Kids to Learn

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In this article explore these websites on AI and machine learning for kids to learn

In this article some AI and machine learning websites for teaching kids how to make games, program robots, and train their own AI models. You probably want your children to master the newest technology to help them excel in school and their future employment. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are crucial abilities you can teach young learners today, thanks to rapid technological breakthroughs. Fortunately, you can readily access both free and paid internet tools to help your children and teenagers study.

 1.Kubrio: Kubrio’s AI Prompt Engineering Lab teaches your children how to create content using the greatest online AI tools. They’ll learn how to create enthralling stories, interactive games, professional-quality movies, engaging podcasts, catchy songs, beautiful designs, and software. Also gamifies AI learning with Quests. Students choose a Quest, complete a creative challenge, create a portfolio, and earn points and badges.

2.Create & Learn: If you want to expose your children to the newest technology breakthroughs at a young age, visit the Create & Learn website. The e-learning site is jam-packed with programs designed to introduce children to the intriguing worlds of robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Your youngster can enroll in AI classes according to their grade level.

3.Machine Learning for Kids: Hands-on machine learning project ideas for beginners are one of the finest ways for students to study ML and AI. It provides students with hands-on experience with machine learning, a branch of artificial intelligence that allows computers to learn from data and experience. Your children will program a computer to identify text, images, numbers, or noises. The internet platform is free, straightforward, and easy to use. You’ll get access to worksheets, lesson plans, and tutorials to help you learn alongside your children.

4.Experiments with Google: Experiments with Google is an extremely interesting platform that will provide students with hours of entertainment and study. Your child will learn to create and talk with a fictitious character, direct their symphony, utilize a camera to bring their drawings to life, and much more. Several of the experiments do not need any code. Pick tasks that are suited for your child’s age.

 5.AI World School: AI World School is an excellent educational technology platform for you. The e-learning website provides online and self-paced AI and coding classes for children and teenagers aged seven and above. A team of educators and technologists create AI Global School courses. AI Novus, Virtual Driverless Vehicle, Playful AI Explorations Using Scratch, and more topics are covered in the courses.

 6.AI Club: AI Club’s progressive curriculum is intended for children in elementary, middle, and high school. Your youngster will learn how to use AI and coding to develop unique projects. Start them young, and they will be able to flex their own AI portfolio to the rest of the globe. You may also enroll your youngster in a one-on-one lesson with professional mentors. This individualized online program allows students to research subjects of interest on their own time. Their mentor will also provide criticism and guidance to help them enhance their research.

7.Teachable Machine: Teachable Machine is a fun method for kids and adolescents to begin learning about machine learning ideas and applications. You don’t require any code or prior expertise; all you need is a webcam, microphone, or photos. Students can experiment with photos, music, postures, text, and other elements. They’ll grasp how changing the parameters and data affects the models’ performance and accuracy.


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